10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas With Halloween arriving next month, many people are already planning or making their Halloween costumes. One of the things I often get asked by friends to come up with is ideas for couples Halloween costumes. So without further ado, here’s a list of a few classic (and a few not so classic) ideas for couples Halloween costumes.

Morticia and Gomez Addams
The couple who can out-romance Romeo and Juliet any day. You can achieve the Gomez look with a 2nd hand pinstripe suit, and penciling in a small mustache. For Morticia, a long black gown and a dark wig. As a bonus, this couples Halloween costumes set can work for an entire family: if you have kids, turn them into Wednesday and Pugsley.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Superman and Wonder Woman

You can’t go wrong with comic book couples. For Superman, go full superhero, or make it more comfortable by doing the “half-transformation” by wearing just a suit and glasses. Leave the shirt open enough to display the big S underneath.

For Wonder Woman there are a lot of different versions. Choose your favorite, or check out my Rileah Vanderbuilt inspired Wonder Woman tutorial here. Or you can switch it up and go as a different comic character set such as Batman and Catwoman, Thor and Loki, or Wolverine and Phoenix.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Bert and Mary Poppins

A classic, easy to achieve couple. For Bert, smudge up a shirt and pair of pants, add a chimney broom, and a hat. For Mary, a white top, blue coat, hat, and of course, an umbrella.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Wayne and Garth

Party time, excellent! These two costumes are very easy to make out of 2nd hand clothes. For Wayne’s hat, just use fabric paint to add the “Wayne’s World” to a plain black baseball cap. And if your hair is already long, bonus, you won’t need a wig.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Han Solo and Princess Leia

Always a fun, classic choice, both the costumes can be made fairly inexpensively, mostly from 2nd hand clothing items. Click here for a Han Solo tutorial, and here for a Princess Leia tutorial.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Mario and Luigi

Anyone who played Nintendo remembers Mario and Luigi. You can easily bring the jumping plumbers to life with a couple red and green shirts, matching hats, suspenders, and of course thick, fake mustaches. You can get pretty everything (except the mustaches) for a few bucks in a 2nd hand shop.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Don’t limit yourself to just Harry and Hermione, you could also go as Ron and Hermione, Harry and Draco, Harry and Luna, etc. Whoever your favorite characters are from the Potter universe, most of the Hogwarts uniforms are made the same way, and are very easy to construct out of old graduation uniforms. Learn how here.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Probably the most famous cavemen to date, they may be a modern stoneage family, but they’re a classic when it comes to couples Halloween costume. The Flintstones are easy to cut and sew out of inexpensive material, due to their loose-fitting shapes.

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Disney couples

Going as classic Disney couples, such as Jasmine and Aladdin or Eric and Ariel are always a fun choice. You can find most of the costumes readily available in adult (and child, if you’re making a full family event) sizes. No sewing required!

10 Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas
Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura

If Han and Leia aren’t quite your thing, consider boldly going where no man has gone before (ok, so a lot of people have actually gone there…) with classic Star Trek costumes. You can make both the male and female uniforms very inexpensively out of 2nd hand clothing as a base.

So hopefully you’ve found this helpful and possibly spotted a few couples Halloween costumes for yourself this year, or for the future. And if you often go as a couple for Halloween, what are some of your favorite couples Halloween costumes?
By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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