7 Things Every Crafter Should Keep on Hand

7 Things Every Crafter Should Keep on HandEvery craft project calls for something a little different, and some get very specific, but in general, there are some items that get called for a lot. So here’s a list of 7 items that most crafters should probably keep in their craft cupboards.


A healthy assortment of cutters is a must for a crafter (as is keeping those cutters sharp…something I sadly have a tendency to neglect from time to time). A good, sturdy pair of scissors will serve you on many craft projects, but you might want to have several pairs for different jobs. For example, don’t use your fabric scissors to cut paper as it will dull them. While a dull blade can cut paper relatively well, it will fall short when you go back to cutting fabric.

In addition, it might be a good idea to keep an x-acto and utility knife handy, as well as pair of pruners or wire cutters for various projects. If you do a lot of quilting, a rotary cutter makes the job of material cutting fly by so much faster than doing it with scissors. If you’re more of a cardmaker/scrapbooker type, be sure to have a few pairs of decorative edged shears available (They don’t have to be expensive either. I still just use the small plastic kid shears I had when I was little and they produce beautiful decorative edges).


While there are some craft projects that can be completed without glue (knitting for 7 Things Every Crafter Should Keep on Handexample), the majority of craft projects call for the indispensable medium. Of course not every glue can be used for every project. White glue makes paper crinkle. Hot glue can melt through certain materials, etc. Fortunately there are multiple types of glue on the market. The 3 glues you’ll probably want to keep in supply are white glue (like Elmer’s glue type), hot glue, and a glue stick. These will get you through most projects, though some projects may call for a more specific type of glue such as an epoxy or fabric glue.


Because everything is better with glitter. When in doubt, add glitter. – These are two of my favorite phrases about one of the most sparkly substances in crafting. There’s not much a crafter can mess up that can’t be fixed with a healthy dose of glitter so always keep a little on hand in a few different colors. And the next time you find yourself in doubt with a project…just add glitter.


Even if you don’t knit or crochet, this one’s still an essential to keep in your craft closet. Yard comes in handy in so many situations, and can even double as ribbon in a pinch. Whether you just want a pretty piece of string to tie something off with, glue it to cardstock in a fun design, or make a classic God’s Eye, yarn is a go-to crafting medium. And if you do knit or crochet, be sure to keep your needles and hooks someplace place near your stash of yarn.

Paint (and brushes)

So many projects require paint, and while it would get expensive to keep every color one might need on hand, it’s always a good idea to keep the basics close by. White and black are a must, not only because they get used all the time, but because they can be used to lighten or darken other colors. Red, blue, and yellow are also important, because as we all remember from grade school, those 3 colors can’t be made, but they can be used to make everything else. And it doesn’t hurt to keep a little metallic gold and silver on hand either (this is much like the glitter rule above – metallic shine makes everything better).

Paper and Cardstock

7 Things Every Crafter Should Keep on HandWhether you’re an intense cardmaker and scrapbooker, someone who prefers to make pinwheels and paper cranes, or just a holiday enthusiastic who loves decking the halls with cutouts for every season, you never want to be without a stash of paper and cardstock. Cardstock comes in various colors and printer paper can be found in everything from plain white to hot pink these days. Then there are of course the cardstock and papers generally labeled for scrapbooking that come in exciting patterns and designs. They can be used for a lot more than just scrapbooking, however, and are a great items to keep on hand.

Needle and Thread

Even if you have a sewing machine, or even if you don’t sew, a needle and thread are pretty practical to keep on the crafting premises. For those who do sew, sometimes there are pieces that are delicate or awkward enough that they just have to be sewn by hand. Needle and thread are also great in a pinch when your sewing machine is on the fritz, but you still need to finish your project. For those who don’t sew fabric, a needle and thread are still perfect for beading projects, joining strips of paper together, sewing down ribbons, etc. It’s a basic that’s always always good to have.

Well those are my 7 essentials, and obviously there are more depending on what you do, but these are a few basics. So over to you. What do you find essential to keep in your craft cupboard that isn’t listed here? Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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