Aquaman Costume – DIY Aquaman Trident

DIY Aquaman TridentA bright and shiny DIY Aquaman trident is fairy cheap and easy to make. I was able to make this one for around $25 (though I did have some of the materials already on hand).

I had a bunch of requests for this, and it was also my brother’s Halloween costume this year, so it’s one that I conveniently already had filmed, as I’m posting a bit early this week, due to Thanksgiving on Thursday. This DIY Aquaman trident is based on the one wielded by Jason Momoa in the Justice League movie, because it looked really cool, even though it technically isn’t a trident anymore due to the 5 prongs. I used a piece of PVC pipe to make the handle for added strength, but if you’re making it for a child where it doesn’t have to be as long, you could also use several wrapping paper rolls stuffed inside of each other instead.

The gold adhesive foil is that stuff that goes in the Cricut machines (same stuff I used for Harley Quinn’s jewelry). You can usually find it in places like Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics or Amazon also carries it. Hot glue absolutely does not work on this foil, so when gluing anything to the foil, the only stuff I found that would work (without requiring a hazmat suit to use it at least) was some glue by Beacon called power-tac. There are probably others will work too, but many don’t, so test your glues first to make sure they will hold.

The foil I used on this DIY Aquaman trident will generally stick to itself, but it doesn’t stick to the craft foam as well, so you may want to glue it down to make sure it doesn’t come off.

Piece of PVC pipe about the height of your chin
3 pieces of 2×2 foot cardboard
1 sheet of 3mm craft foam
2 rolls of gold adhesive foil (Amazon link for it)
Power-tac or other strong adhesive (Amazon link for it)
Metallic gold paint and brush

DIY Aquaman Trident video tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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