Aquaman Part 2: DIY Aquaman Costume Bracers

DIY Aquaman Costume BracersYou can make some fairly easy bracers for your DIY Aquaman costume out of plain old craft foam or you can cover it with Wonderflex for added strength.

I don’t use a lot of Wonderflex in my costumes, due to the price, but I had to make an Aquaman costume for a client (also had to make one for my brother, so I got a lot of practice making Aquaman this year 😉 ), so I wanted it to be strong and last a long time. The Wonderflex definitely makes it stronger. However, if you’re just using craft foam on your DIY Aquaman costume, you’ll want to hot glue on all the pieces and make sure to coat both sides with white glue to keep it strong.

1 sheet of 3mm craft foam (or cereal box cardboard)
1 foot of Wonderflex (optional)
White school glue (Elmer’s glue or something similar)
Hot glue gun if you’re just using craft foam with no Wonderflex
Shiny black paint
Metallic gold paint and brush
Awl or similar pointed object
String for lacing

DIY Aquaman costume bracers video tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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