Batman Costume Part 1: DIY Batman Costume Cape

DIY Batman Costume CapeOne most recognizable parts of a DIY Batman costume is the cape. This one is super easy to make with a little cutting and minimal (if any) sewing. 

I had a few requests for a DIY Batman costume and I also had to get it done because it’s going to be my cousin’s Halloween costume. So this is the tutorial for the cape, to be followed in the coming weeks by the rest of the costume (it’ll be based on the Michael Keaton version). If you’re on the smaller side, you might not even have to do any sewing on this cape, but if you’re on the bigger side, you’ll probably have to sew two pieces of material together like I did here in order to get the right width. The fake leather material can be found at JoAnn Fabrics (just make sure you bring a coupon for this stuff, since it’s in on the pricier side), but you can always replace it with something cheaper if you prefer.

Fake black leather fabric (I used a little over 3 yard for my cousin, but it will depend on your height. Basically you want something as long as your neck-to-ankle measurement, plus 7 inches to account for the neck hole)
Needle and thread or sewing machine
1 large snap

DIY Batman Costume: Cape Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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