Battery Operated Christmas Lights from Brussels Sprouts

Battery operated Christmas lightsNot a big fan of brussls sprouts? Would brussels sprout battery operated Christmas lights change your mind?

Some scientists in London from The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair have created a huge battery made of brussels sprouts and used it to power a full size Christmas tree. The brussels sprouts battery operated Christmas lights run entirely on the power provided by the sprouts with no additional help from conventional electric. It’s similar to the lemon juice or potato experiments that kids often perform in school.

It’s rather ironic that a vegetable that is often hated by many people at a holiday gathering is now being used to provide lights for the holidays. That’s certainly an example of ingenuity at its finest! Who says there aren’t creative alternatives to electricity out there?

Of course of the sprout battery operated Christmas lights won’t run forever. As with all vegetables, the brussels sprouts will begin to rot and as they do, the power they generate will begin to diminish. However, the 1,000 sprouts currently being used in the initial battery will be able to keep the battery operated Christmas lights going for around a month – perfect for the holidays.

Click here to see the image of the tree and its brussels sprout battery operated Christmas lights.

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