Christmas Gift Ideas that Make a Difference

Christmas gift ideasIt’s that time of year when people are running back and forth trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas for their family and friends. This year, instead of just giving the usual store-bought stuff, consider trying a few Christmas gift ideas that actually make a difference. Continue reading

Spock’s First Christmas

No, it’s not Spock the vulcan, it’s Spock the big-eared cat named after the vulcan. Spock is the little kitten I rescued over the summer. He’s gotten much bigger since then, but he still has very much the energy of a kitten. As such, he tends to get into mischief.

This year was his first Christmas, and to his delight, he thought that we had provided the Christmas Tree just for his personal amusement. He spent most of the holiday season running up and down the tree continuously, trying to pulling off all the paper cranes that were decorating it. He actually succeeded in completely pulling the tree over three times this season.

This was just some video I shot of him in the decor, to the tune of Silent Night. Most pet owners can probably relate. Hope you enjoy.

Decorating with Christmas Cards

There are so many gorgeous Christmas cards that go through the mail these days, each one is in itself a work of art. They’re far too beautiful to just set in a pile somewhere. Instead use them as part of your actual holiday decor to display your beautiful cards and make the house just a bit more Christmasy.

One of the easiest ways to decorate with Christmas cards to run them around a doorway or windowsill. Just affix a little bit of masking tape the back of each one and tape it to the frame of the window or the door. Cards also look good lining a fireplace mantle. Basically you create a “garland” of Christmas cards. Continue reading

The History of the Christmas Tree

Every Christmas millions of people go out to the tree lot, spend hours searching for that perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home to light the house during the dark season of winter (or in the case of the ever present artificial tree today: pull out the box, put the tree together, and plug in the lights.). It’s a tradition that’s long been associated with the Christmas holiday, but the origins of the Christmas tree actually go back even further than the holiday itself.

In ancient times, long before Christianity, people believed that trees which stayed green all year had special meaning, therefore evergreens held a particular place of honor (this belief was also associated with holly and mistletoe, hence their later association with the Christmas holiday as well.) Evergreen, mistletoe and holly were revered as symbols of eternal life, due to the fact that they did not go dormant in the winter like so many others. The people often brought boughs of evergreen into their homes for luck and to ensure that the sun would return after the winter to make everything green again. In particular, the evergreen boughs were used during the winter solstice celebrations (in a way, the forebearer of Christmas). Continue reading