Child’s Jack-o-lantern Applique Shirt Tutorial and FREE pattern link

jack-o-lantern appliqueThis is an easy shirt to make for a child. It involves using a simple blanket stitch to attach the jack-o-lantern applique to the shirt.

This project came about as the result of a request from my adorable little cousin. She had seen a pumpkin shirt in a magazine and wanted to know if I could make one for her. Naturally, if I was making one for her, I couldn’t leave her brother out of the fun, so I ended up doing a slightly different jack-o-lantern applique on each of their shirts.

The jack-o-lantern applique pattern includes both the pumpkins pictured and the coresponding faces for each. The same stem is used for both pumpkins. Click here to download the free applique pdf.

The shirts I used in this project I picked up for a couple of bucks at the local Salvation Army, and the material I used for the jack-o-lantern applique pieces were from a couple of fleece shirts I got from the Salvation Army and cut into the applique shapes.

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