Christmas Comes AFTER Thanksgiving

I’m a person who loves all the seasons, and especially loves them in order, but lately it seems as though Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year. This very year, two weeks before Halloween even, Target was already running a Christmas shopping commercial. (For some strange reason, listening to Christmas carols while I’m carving pumpkins just doesn’t do it for me.) Seriously, Christmas commercials before Halloween? That’s just too early.

As far as I know, Christmas still comes AFTER Thanksgiving, which in itself comes after Halloween. It’s gotten to the point where our society’s economy is so reliant on people shopping for the holidays that a store’s entire year now seems to revolve around that mad rush of shopping and gift giving. The ironic part is that a large portion of the shopping being done involves purchasing items that were probably cheaply made in another country.

It used to be that the holidays were a time to enjoy family and friends, and the holidays generally went in order. Now we let the stores dictate to us, telling us that we’re supposed to run out and spend money for gifts earlier and earlier. I think it’s sad that the holidays have become so commercialized that they can’t even wait for Halloween to be over before they start advertising for Christmas.

To everything there is a season, but the commercialized version of Christmas they try to sell us now takes up multiple seasons. Maybe it’s time give up the commercialism and go back to something simple like baking cookies for one another, because if the Christmas season starts any earlier, the headless horseman might end up getting hired to pull Santa’s sleigh!
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