Costume Making Tutorials

Costume Making Tutorials - Iron Man Arc Reactor Below are all my costume making tutorials. They come from a variety of fandoms ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars, to Marvel and DC comics, to various Fantasy and Sci-fi. Many of these costume making tutorials even have free accompanying templates to make your costume construction easier.

Most of these costumes are made with recycled items or a base of material from second-hand stores such as the Salvation Army. This not only helps keep materials out of the landfills, but it also makes the costumes very affordable for a cosplayer to create and supports the thrift store’s community service efforts as well. The costume making tutorials are displayed in alphabetical order. Browse the costumes one by one, or jump to a specific costume making section with these links: Marvel and DC costumes, Star Wars Costumes, Star Trek Costumes, Fantasy Costumes, Other sci-fi costumes.

Marvel and DC Costume Making Tutorials:


Star Wars Costume Making Tutorials:


Star Trek Costume Making Tutorials


Fantasy Costume Tutorials


Other Costume Making Tutorials

If you’re searching for a particular costume making tutorial, hold the ctrl key and press F to open up the search box and make your search easier. And if you can’t find the costume tutorial you’re looking for, I also take requests. There’s usually a bit of a waiting period, as I tend to get tutorial requests faster than I can make them, but if you drop me an email with your costume tutorial request, I’ll let you know when I get it posted. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy some of the tutorials I have posted here, and happy costuming.