I sewed my first “costume” when I was four years old after watching my mother mending and teaching myself to mimic her stitches. It was a wizard’s hat that fell apart shortly after I’d finished it, due to the fact that I hadn’t yet learned how to tie knots. However, despite its shortcomings, that little wizard’s hat lit a fire for sewing that has never gone away.

For many years I sewed everything by hand, but eventually, I received my aunt’s old sewing machine, which gave me the speed to sew pretty much anything I could dream up. Most of the costumes I sew are made with a base of salvaged or recycled material from second-hand stores such as the Salvation Army or Volunteers of America. This not only helps keep material out of the landfills, but it also supports the thrift store’s community service efforts.

Halloween costumes receive most of my sewing time, but I also make Renaissance and Civil War reenactment costumes. Most of the costumes I make are by request, but I also usually have a few available for rent. Click the images below to see some of the costumes I’ve made in the past. Email me if you have a costume request.

(Prefer to make your own costumes? Then click here to check out my do-it-yourself costume tutorials)

thor costume  Loki costume  Gladiator woman

  Geisha costume 

Civil War Gown  Cowboy  Greekgoddess



Captain Jack Sparrow   celtic warrior woman