Craft Ideas for Using Holiday Printables

Craft Ideas for Using Holiday PrintablesWith it being the week of St. Patrick’s Day (and Easter soon to follow), thought I’d share a few ways you can use printables to quickly and easily holiday-up the house.

I didn’t get a chance to make a new St. Patrick’s Day project this year (too busy being lost in a galaxy far, far away I guess), so in lieu of that, here are some crafting ideas for printables. The nice thing about printables is that they make holiday crafting a breeze. They can be used for almost anything, and since they’re all premade, they’re big time savers too. Just print and cut and you’re 90% done with a project. (The Irish hat picture above was a free printable from Check out their cute collection of free shamrock, leprechaun hat, and beer mug printables here).

A few creative ways to use printables include decking out the table: You can glue printables to cardstock and make place cards. Use temporary glue to affix them to drinking glasses so people can identify their own glass throughout the evening. Or print them onto iron-on transfer paper to make a festive table runner or even turn some plain white T-shirts into Irish pride shirts. And if you want to get all cute and Martha Stewart-y with your leftovers, print a few cute labels out and put them on the food left from your gathering to make your freezer look adorable and that remaining corned beef easy to locate.

For other decor, use them as temporary window stickers. Glue a bunch of them to a string and make a garland. Or use them to decorate the side of a leprechaun house (You are making a house for your leprechaun visitors right?)

Printables are also great to use in making invitations for your gathering. Use them in the corners to invoke the proper holiday tone while leaving space in the center for your invitation’s message (on recycled paper of course to actually “go-green” for the green holiday). You could even use printables as stickers to seal the envelopes or update your address labels for the holiday.

For years my family’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration has consisted everyone going down to my sister’s “pub” (really just the basement all decked out in Irish themed decor) with a few bottles of sparking grape juice and doing dancing renditions of Riverdance…very bad renditions of Riverdance. We usually use printables to replace the sparkling grape juice labels to make them look a bit more St. Patrick’s themed just for fun.

Well, my sister’s in New Zealand this year, visiting the place where Frodo cast the ring into the fire (yes, I’ll admit to typing those words with a certain amount of envy, as Lord of the Rings is my all-time favorite movie), so we probably won’t be doing any bad Riverdancing this year, but doesn’t mean the decorations have to go by the wayside, and we’ll probably still be using St. Patrick’s Day printables to cover the sparkling grape juice labels.

How do you usually decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?

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