Angel Dust Costume Part 2

DIY Angel Dust Costume Tutorial Part 2So here is part 2 of the Angel Dust costume tutorial, to follow last week’s Angel Dust corset.

I simplified the hair a bit, but followed the same basic idea. If you’re going for the post-colossus battle Angel Dust costume, when you get the hair finished, pull a few strands out so they hang down on each side. If you want to keep your Angel Dust costume low-cost, you can get your shirt, pants, etc. for a few dollars each at a 2nd hand shop. And then if you want to do the post-colossus battle look, you won’t have to worry about cutting holes in something that cost a lot. (And yes, the eyeshadow in the opening shot is 100% photoshopped, because when I tried to do the Angel Dust eyes with real eyeshadow, I ended up looking more like a Guardians of the Galaxy character…and not a humanoid one).

Black long-sleeved shirt
Black pants (preferably cargo-type pants)
Black belt
Black boots
1 Parachute buckle
Black Gloves
Needle and Thread
Hairbrush and elastics
Hairspray or hair clips

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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