DIY Corn Husk Doll Witch

DIY Corn husk doll witchA classic DIY corn husk doll can easily be transformed into a Halloween witch with just a few extra details.

I had a request for some more corn husk doll tutorials, and since Halloween is drawing nearer, I thought a corn husk witch would be seasonally appropriate for this corn husk doll. This is a very simple little DIY corn husk doll to make, and the construction only differs slightly from the traditional version in that many of the extra details are hot glued on. For an added “witchy” effect, you can also dye your corn husks darker colors before turning them into a doll.

If you’re looking for the classic DIY corn husk doll tutorial click here.

Dried corn husks and corn silk
White thread
Hot glue gun

DIY Corn Husk Doll Witch Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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