DIY Greenhouse Underground

DIY Greenhouse UndergroundWe’ve used small hoophouses and row covers on our farm for years, but I recently read about a very innovative and inexpensive type of DIY greenhouse that I might have to try.

Generally greenhouses are pricey and hard to construct which is why we usually just stick to the easier and less expensive hoophouses, cold frames, and row covers to help our produce grow. However, I recently stumbled on an article on talking about a walipini, a DIY greenhouse that is built partially underground.

Apparently the underground DIY greenhouse was invented a couple decades ago in the mountainous region of South America to give the growers there a year round growing season. Basically a rectangular pit 6-8 feet deep is dug into the ground. Then a roof is constructed of angled sheets of clear plastic to capture the sun’s rays.

Unlike traditional above ground greenhouses, the underground DIY greenhouse maintains heat better and therefore has less call for supplemental heaters. Most of the heat can be gathered from the sun shining through the plastic making a perfect environment for year round growing, even in cold climates.

Here’s the original article on if you want to read more about the underground DIY greenhouse. I think this is going onto my next year’s possible projects list. I may not get that far, but hey it’s fun to dream. And it sure would be fun to have my own underground DIY greenhouse to grow produce longer in the year.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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