Harley Quinn Costume Part 2 – Suicide Squad Version DIY Belt & Shorts

DIY Harley Quinn Costume Part 2 - Suicide Squad Version Belt & ShortsSo here is part 2 of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume tutorial. This is the tutorial for the shorts and the belt.

JoAnn Fabrics does carry a red and blue sequin material like what was used for the Harley Quinn costume in the movie, but I chose to just use crushed velvet because it was quite a bit cheaper than the sequin material, and I already had the blue left over from my Wonder Woman cape. I do have a free pdf for the shorts template I made which you can download here. I didn’t have time to make a full, graded pattern, so this is just a one size template made to fit me (somewhere around 6-8), so you may have to shrink or enlarge it, depending on your size. You might want to test it on some scrap material first to be sure you have the right size before you cut it out of your good material.

The adhesive foil (my newest love!) that I used on the belt buckle is that stuff that goes in those Cricut cutting machines. You can find it in most craft stores like JoAnn’s, Michael’s, etc. Or they also sell it here on Amazon. It comes out waaaayyy more shiny and metallic-looking than just regular spray paint, and it’s a lot less messy too.

A black belt
Gold “pyramid” style beading
Adhesive gold foil (Amazon link)
Red and blue stretchy crushed velvet or sequined material
Shorts template (pdf download link)
Utility or x-acto knife
Sewing machine or needle & thread

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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