Luke Skywalker Costume (x-wing pilot) Part 3: DIY Helmet

DIY Luke Skywalker Costume (x-wing pilot): Helmet So had a request for the Luke Skywalker costume x-wing pilot helmet, so this finishes out that Star Wars costume tutorial.

My brother’s Luke Skywalker costume was a project we both worked on, so this part of the tutorial was guest filmed by my brother, with a little help from Luke himself…mini Luke that is. And as with most of my brother’s guest videos, it gets a bit long, and some of it’s hard to see, but if you have any questions, just ask.

If do you use contact cement on your Luke Skywalker costume as my brother did, be sure to wear a mask because it’s very bad to breathe. Also it’s best to put 2 coats of the cement on your foam pieces, because the foam really tends to suck it in. He did not end up making the visor part for his helmet, but you could make a visor by taking one of those lime green transparent plastic folders that they sell with office supplies, and gluing it to the face side of the helmet.

2-3 EVA foam sheets
Small pieces of 3mm craft foam
Contact cement or hot glue gun
Heat gun (optional)
Round Ball-like object, about the size of your head
Elmer’s Glue (or other similar type of glue) and foam brush
Paint: red, white, yellow, black, silver
Ruler or measuring tape
Pen for marking lines
X-acto knife
Ribbon for chinstrap

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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