DIY Reusable Thanksgiving Table Place cards

DIY Reusable Thanksgiving Table Place cards I made these table place cards with Thanksgiving in mind, but the colors and imagery could easily be altered to accommodate any holiday gathering.

The trick to making the place cards reusable is chalkboard labels and markers, both of which can be purchased at Amazon. The Chalkola chalk markers I used can be purchased here on Amazon (Use COUPON CODE: CHALK20A to get 20% off) and the Chalkola chalkboard labels I used can be purchased at this link. The chalk markers are wetwipe markers, so they stay in place and won’t smudge if they’re rubbed against with something dry. But once the holiday is over, a damp cloth washes them right off so they can be used for the following year.

If you’ve never used chalk markers before, you might want to visit my earlier using chalk markers tutorial as there is a bit of a trick to getting the chalk ink flowing the first time you use them. By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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