DIY Reverse Silhouette Shirt – Link, Legend of Zelda

DIY Reverse Silhouette Shirt - Link, Legend of Zelda A fun and easy way to decorate a plain shirt is to make a reverse silhouette on it.

In this case I’m using a silhouette of Link from the Legend of Zelda game (because a Thanksgiving tradition in my family always consists of few rounds of Link and Toon Link chasing each other over the rooftops trying to kill each other). However you can use any silhouette you want for your reverse silhouette shirt, it doesn’t have to be Link. You could do some other fandom, or just a random silhouette, like a dragon, a letter, your home state, etc. Let your imagination run wild. Whatever you choose to use, be sure you have two colors and textures of paint to give it more dimension, and add in a few details with puffy paint, as I did here with the Link shield.

Plain T-shirt
Link (or other) Silhouette (easily found with a Google search)
Cup and stirring stick
Spray bottle
Puffy paint
Spray fabric paint (not the aerosol kind)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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