Phaser: Assault – DIY Star Trek Assault Phaser

DIY Star Trek Assault Phaser Had a request for the Star Trek assault phaser from Star Trek V, so here is the tutorial.

This is the Star Trek phaser that looks the most like regular gun I’d say, right down to the removable clip. I chose to simplify the phaser a bit, however, by making it all one solid piece instead of having the removable clip. I also cut out some of the minor details on the sides of the phaser and the rings on the tip of the phaser, but you could easily add them with a little craft foam if you want to be more accurate. This is a very inexpensive build.  I made it from scrap pieces of craft foam and cardboard, and since I already had the paint on hand, it cost nothing to build. So while it’s not an exact movie replica, it’s definitely the right price. (And bonus points if you understand the floral bonnet reference at the end.)

If you don’t want to draw the pieces of the Star Trek assault by hand click here to download the free pdf template.

If you’re looking for a tutorial for the Star Trek phasers from The Original Series TV show click here.
If you’re looking for the Wrath of Khan era phaser tutorial click here.

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