Dr. Strange Cat Costume DIY

Dr. Strange Cat Costume DIYHere’s a fun and easy Dr. Strange cat costume DIY, for when your pet wants to get in on the cosplay fun.

Had a request for a Marvel cat costume and I figured Dr. Strange would probably be the easiest to convince my cat to wear (turns out, she actually didn’t need any coaxing, she was more than happy to wear the Dr. Strange cat costume). I used pellon to cut my Eye of Agamotto pieces from, but you could also use craft foam instead. Basically you just want something light when it’s for a cat costume. The gold foil fabric I used can be found in JoAnn Fabrics.

And remember, never force an animal into a costume. If they don’t like it, don’t make them wear it.

2 feet of red fabric
Sticky backed vecro
6 inches of gold foil fabric
Hot glue gun
Needle and red thread

Dr. Strange Cat Costume DIY Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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