Dr. Strange Part 5: Belt, Boots, Wig

Dr. Strange Cosplay Tutorial 5 Belt, Boots, WigThe final part of my Dr. Strange cosplay tutorial consists of the belt, boots, and wig.

The belts and boots I used as bases for this costume I picked up for a couple bucks at the local Salvation Army, so check your local second hand shops. (It’s eco-friendly, and it saves a lot of dollars on the costume construction costs).

A pair of black boots
2 strips of navy blue fabric, long enough to wrap around your boots
4 black belts of different textures (1 or 2 made of cloth)
2 small (4-inch) pieces of cardboard (one for cutting the belt circle, the other for winding tassles)
Metallic silver paint (Color Used: Silver Anniversary)
Black paint 
White paint (Color Used: Pearl White)
Black yarn (Acrylic)
Needle and black thread
Silver adhesive foil
Dark blue bias tape – Black will work too (Color Used: Blackberry)
Wire bristle brush
Hot glue gun
Activated charcoal powder for goatee (or black eyeshadow can be used as well)

The silver adhesive foil I used here, is the same stuff I used in my lightsaber tutorial. When you’re wrapping it around the belt, make sure that the end lands on a piece of itself. It doesn’t stick very well to the belt, as the belt is cloth, but it does stick to itself. So as long as it overlaps itself, you shouldn’t have to worry about the strips falling off.

I used activated charcoal powder to paint on my Dr. Strange goatee, but if you’re someone who owns makeup, you could use black eyeshadow instead. You would use it the same way, just dampening a flat brush, and painting it on in short strokes to mimic the patterns of real facial hair. Naturally this isn’t going to look 100% real, but it’s a quick and easy way to get the goatee. If you want to be more authentic, you can always get some fake hair and apply it to your face in layers with a little spirit gum.

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