Dream Catcher Card

This is kind of a fun way to make a dream catcher card, and it’s a lot less time-consuming than making a real dreamcatcher.

Dream catchers are a craft originating with the Ojibway Native American tribe. They were often woven for newborns by grandparents, to protect the children from nightmares. When hung above one’s place of sleep, they are said to protect a person from bad dreams. While the traditional dream catcher is Native American, the concept of objects to protect a sleeper from nightmares is universal. Many cultures throughout the world have their own ways prevent bad dreams.

The Native American dream catcher consists of a hoop, within which is woven a “web,” and feathers dangling off the ends. This dream catcher is hung over one’s bed. Good dreams pass through the center hole in the web, trickling down the feathers into the sleeper’s head. Bad dreams get stuck in the web and disintegrate when they are touched by the first rays of the morning light.

Real dream catchers have a bead to represent the spider. This card utilizes a button. I’m not sure if a card protects from bad dreams, but as dream catchers are beautiful anyway, it works well for a card.

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