How to Enjoy a Snowstorm

snowstormMy grandfather always said you couldn’t enjoy a snowstorm unless you were out in it.

When I hear someone complaining about it snowing outside during the winter months, my initial reaction is usually “This is NY, it snows in the winter.” I tend to view snow not so much as plague, but rather as nature’s magical gift of light to brighten the darkness of winter. Here we live in a climate zone where we are going to have snow and no amount of griping is going change that. As such, I always figured people might as well learn to enjoy it while it is here.

Everything always looks so fresh and clean with a new coating of snow, leaving the world bright and cheery. Things would look pretty dreary in all the cold, brown winter landscapes without those beautiful flakes to brighten them up. Even better, however, is standing in the midst of the cloud of snow as it comes fluttering down.

Over the years, I’ve begun to realize just how true my grandfather’s wisdom was. While snow is certainly pretty coming down outside a window, watching it fall just doesn’t bring the same excitement as actually being outside in the glorious white flakes falling profusely from the heavens. It’s a secret that kids know well.

Next time there’s a snowstorm, grab your heavy boots and your winter coat and run out into it. Remember how it felt to be a kid, and dance in the snowflakes once again. Then stand still for a moment and realize how much you’re actually enjoying it.

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