Fixing Squeaky Doors

Few things are more irritating and than the incesant cry of a squeaking door, especially when you’re trying to sleep. You just about drift off and then someone opens the door or it’s caught by the wind and SQUEAK! you’re suddenly wide awake.

WD-40 is an often used remedy to fix squeaking doors, but my sister recently found a trick that works even better. The squeaky door remedy is as close as the kitchen cupboard: Pam. I’m sure any such cooking oil would fine, we just happen to have Pam in our cupboard, so that’s what we used. And since it comes in a spray-can, it works great.

Just spray both sides of the hinges (taking care not to get the spray on the walls or the wood of the door) and let it go. It’ll seep into the hinges and silence the squeaks. We’ve done it to almost every door in our house and they’re so much quieter now. And as an added bonus, since Pam is used for cooking, we don’t have to worry about it being poisonous, making it a bit more kid and pet friendly. If the cat licks the Pam off the door hinges, it is not going kill them or make them sick like WD-40 would.

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