GMO-free Seed Suppliers

GMO free seedsLooking for a place to get GMO-free seeds to grow your own produce? Try some of the companies on this list.

Monsanto has done its best to make it difficult to avoid GMO foods in the grocery store by launching a massive campaign against labeling GMO foods. This has caused many people to turn to local markets or grow their own food. But of course growing your own food is only as good as its seeds.

Often times it can be difficult to know where to purchase your growing seeds as companies who sell GMO seeds are generally not advertising the fact. Fortunately there are companies who are proud to let us know they offer GMO-free seeds.

Off Grid Info has compiled a handy list of over 200 companies in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa that sell non-GMO seeds. In addition to being GMO-free, many of these companies’ seeds are heirloom seeds.

Heirloom seeds often contain special benefits that many of the more popular varieties do not. Most of today’s common seeds were selected for faster growing times and higher yields, but heirlooms, being the original varieties, are often hardier and more pest resistant. And did I mention taste? Heirloom varieties are often bursting with flavors not found in many of the common varieties.

So check out the list to find a non-GMO or heirloom seed company that resonates with you and start growing your own GMO-free foods.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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