Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas’tis the month of magic, so here are a few Halloween decoration ideas for the season.

We love Halloween in my family. It’s my favorite holiday and I love decorating for it. Over the years we’ve come up with a lot of different Halloween decoration ideas, so I thought I’d share a few of them here. Most of them are fairly quick and easy to do. Hopefully you’ll find one or two of these Halloween decorating ideas that you can use at your own home to make your holiday a little more magical.

Glowing Garlands

At my house we put leaf garlands around all the doorways. We have some silk leaf Halloween Decoration Ideasgarlands we purchased years ago and reuse them every year (since we usually don’t have the time during harvest to collect real leaves, we settled for artificial). The trick to making leaf garlands look good to twist two together for added thickness. Then weave some orange lights into the garland so you can enjoy it when evening falls as well.

Giant Spider Webs

Halloween Decoration IdeasSpiders are a common symbol this time of year. You can “spin” a web fitting for the creepiest of spiders out of some white clothesline. Start by making a T with two pieces of string, then cross those with an X from two more strings. Then just proceed to go around in a circle, looping the string around each spoke. (You can also use yarn instead to make smaller spider webs) The large spider I made by winding black electrical tape around fallen tree sticks and taping them to a black flower pot. Tape the legs right to the web strings to hold the spider on its web. Wind the spider web strings with twinkle lights to enjoy it at night as well. And don’t forget a plastic skeleton to represent the remains of one of your spider’s past victims.

Second-Hand Witch Halloween Decoration Ideas

What set of Halloween decoration ideas would be complete without a witch? We made our witch out of a black dress from a second hand shop and and purple piece of material pinned to her shoulders as a cape. Her head is a hollowed out birdhouse gourd. She carries an old broom and a cauldron made from a metal bucket painted black. It sits amidst a sea of colorful autumn mums. Green twinkle lights shoved into the gourd head illuminate her eye slits at night with an eerie glow.

The Rising Dead

Halloween Decoration IdeasOur favorite Halloween decoration is our real coffin (did I mention my Grandmother’s maiden name was Adams?) nestled in a garden of dead flowers. My parents knew somebody who made who made coffins, so they ended up with one and it has worked wonderfully for Halloween ever since. While ours is real, you could easily replicate a fake one out of some plywood. Put a piece of wood in the back hinge to prop the coffin front open a few inches and place a plastic skeleton to look like it’s creeping out. Drape some Halloween Decoration Ideasorange twinkle lights over the top to allow it to be seen at night. On Halloween night we also put a fog machine inside the coffin so it blows smoke all over our “graveyard.” If you want to skip the coffin, you can also break plastic skeletons into pieces and partially bury them for the chilling effect of dead rising from the ground.

Season of the Pumpkin

Halloween Decoration IdeasMost importantly, don’t forget the pumpkins! No matter what Halloween decoration ideas you choose to use, no holiday spook-tacular is complete without pumpkins. They’re the quintessential ornament of the Halloween season. Of course you’ll have your jack o’ lanterns as it gets closer to the holiday, but be sure to decorate with uncarved pumpkins, squash, and gourds as well. Nothing brings that Halloween feel like a few well place pumpkins. Pumpkins beautifully accent mums along steps or walkways. Empty window boxes are prime places to pile squash and gourds. And any Halloween Decoration Ideasnostalgic pieces such as milk cans, wagons wheels, or wells are doubled in charm when paired with a pumpkin or two.

So here’s wishing you all a happy and magical Halloween.

Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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