Happy Celtic New Year

Ah, astrological Halloween, I love it. Today was the day the sun reached 15 degrees Scorpio, the day the ancient Celts used as Samhain, the Halloween precursor. And boy, the Celts sure knew what they were doing having Samhain as their new year festival. I agree with their way of thinking because it’s as much a new year for me as it was for the Celts (considering we both share the same farming calender, I suppose that makes sense).

Everything is finished for the year. I’m done with the market, I’m done with craft shows, the last harvests have been gotten in, and even work at my office job is slowing down. I guess these all bring mixed feelings. Since I’m burned out with exhaustion from the hustle and bustle of summer, the much needed winter rest is welcome, but I have to admit the extra summer money is nice to have. But either way, it’s now time to move on to a fresh year. It’s time for fall cleaning and cozy flannel sheets, time to remove the summer wind chimes from my woodland walking path, and time to tackle all the projects I’ve been putting off over the summer.

With my Celtic New Year fresh start, I’m going to concentrate more effort on web designing this year. I’ve dabbled in it a little bit with overhauling a large portion of a relative’s website, and earlier this year doing from scratch the website for the farm market which I rather like (http://canandaiguafarmersmarket.com/). The first site on my list for this winter, however, will be my own. The Woodland Elf site is looking fairly shabby, but considering that I originally slapped it together several years ago in about 10 minutes without a template and without having previously known a scrap of java script, I think its simple appearance is understandable.

I’ve been trying to get at it and spice it for the last two years, but there seems to have always been other more important things that kept pushing it further down my to-do list. This year, however, I’m bound and determined to take the time to fix it just how I want it. Especially since I’m doing so much more than just candles and soaps now, it’s definitely time for an update. I plan to start re-coding it tonight, but sadly enough I’m usually much better at doing other people’s sites than taking the time to do my own, so we’ll see how this turns out.

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