Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume DIY Shoes

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume DIY Shoes Part 4 of the requested Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume is the rather unique shoes that Harley wore in the movie.

I simplified these a fair bit in the interest of keeping them cheap and making th construction faster, but you can get more detailed if you want. I started with a base pair of high heels I found for 99 cents at the Salvation Army, but if you prefer you could also use a pair of heeled boots as the base and cut out the openings, rather than adding fabric. Whether you go the high heels or boots route for the base, if you use a 2nd hand pair to start with, you can make these very inexpensively (I made this pair for around $6). Plus if you mess up in the making, you won’t be out much money-wise.

A pair of high heeled shoes
White, black, and red paint and paint brushes
2 feet of white Pleather or vinyl
Eyelets and attachment tools
White shoelaces
Hot glue gun
x-acto knife

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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