Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies For FleasIf you have pets, you may have a flea problem. Instead of reaching for toxic flea killers, try a few of the more natural home remedies for fleas.

For years we never had a problem with fleas despite having multiple dogs, cats, and cows (yes I said cows) in the house. In recent years, however, our animals have been plagued from time to time by the bloodsucking little creatures. I suppose the warmer winters may having something to do with it as we’ve seen as increase in the tick population as well.

Whatever the reason, we have to deal with fleas now. Over the counter pet flea remedies generally contain very toxic chemicals for both pets and their owner, so we generally prefer to make our own home remedies for fleas that often work just as well as the store-bought remedies.

I’ll admit we do still have one cat we use the store-bought toxic flea medicine on simply because she’s an extreme case (she almost died because she was so miserable from fleas congregating on her). For the rest of the pet inhabitants, however, the home remedies for fleas work quite well.

Cedar wood oil is our favorite of the home remedies for fleas. It’s an essential oil and works especially well when used in combination with eucalyptus or lavender oil. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it into your pet’s fur. You’ll see the fleas literally drop dead off your pet. It only works for live fleas, however. It doesn’t kill the eggs or clean fleas from the rest of the house.

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the best home flea remedies that works for the whole house. It’s a natural powder that deters fleas as they can’t handle the dehydrating effect it has on them. You sprinkle diatomaceous earth onto your pet and work it into their skin. Just be careful not to have you or your pet breathe it in. It’s not toxic, but like any powder, you don’t want to be breathing it into your lungs. Also sprinkle the diatomaceous earth into your carpets and brush it in. Leave it set for a few days, then vacuum it up, taking the powder and the dead fleas with it.

If you have dogs, one of the home remedies for fleas you can use on them is citrus peel extract. It works well to kill and deter fleas, however, don’t use it if you have cats. Cats can’t handle it. I’ve never used this remedy myself, as I do have cats in the house, but I have a few friends who used it on their dogs and said it worked great.

Do you have any home remedies for fleas that work well in your house?

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