Homemade Apple Cider

homemade apple ciderWho doesn’t love apple cider? That cold, sweet fresh-pressed taste of homemade apple cider is a plus at any family gathering, but it’s even better when the cider itself is the gathering.

This fall, instead of just running down to your local supermarket to purchase jugs of ready-made cider, consider pressing your own homemade apple coder. Cider pressing is a great autumn activity to bring the family together. In our fast-paced, modern world it’s a fun way to slow things down a bit enjoy some time with each other.

If you find the task of making your own a little daunting, many cider markets have special days where they allow people to come and press their own cider. Check your local market schedules for such announcements. You can usually make a day of it, as such markets often offer corn mazes and other autumn attractions as well. Perfect for taking a walk after pressing your cider.

If you’d rather go truly old-fashioned, ask around to find someone who has access to a traditional cider press and make some real homemade apple cider. My family did this a few years ago and we had a total blast. My aunt borrowed a friend’s cider press and we ended up with 3 generations of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins working together to make cider on a perfect autumn day.

To make cider, divide the preparations among the family members. Some can cut the apples into small pieces for the press, some can do the pressing, and some can dispose of the leftover pulp (cows and horses love it). And of course, once you’ve finished, everyone gets to enjoy the fresh-pressed, homemade apple cider results!

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