How to Carve a Bruce Springsteen Pumpkin (or any intricate pumpkin)

How to Carve a Bruce Springsteen Pumpkin (or any intricate pumpkin) While Jack o’ lanterns are always nice, sometimes it’s fun to bring a little more character out of the pumpkin by doing an intricate pattern; in this example I’m using Bruce Springsteen.

You can turn almost any picture into a pumpkin pattern, as I did here with Springsteen, as long as there are enough connecting pieces when you print it out black and white. Always cut out any tiny pieces first, and then progress to the larger pieces working from the inside out.

I usually use the small Pumpkin Masters saws when I’m carving small pieces, simply because the blades on them really are quite tiny and can fit into tiny places. It also means they’re rather flimsy, so you will probably end up breaking a few knives in the process. Fortunately they’re fairly inexpensive. (I’ve never been able to find the knives sold singly, but they sell them as part of a kit for around $8 here) To elongate their life, only use tiny saws on the really tiny pieces; use a regular pumpkin knife (the kind with the thick blade I used to cut the top open) for as much as you can.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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