How to Color One Item in a Black and White Photo

color one item in a black and white photoTo color one item in a black and white photograph, all you need is editing software that can make layers and turn images black and white.

People seem to love these when I bring them to the market and everybody always asks how to do them, so here’s the secret. I’m using Arcsoft for this tutorial, but any editing software capable of layers and black and white will work, such as photoshop, gimp, lightroom, etc.Just be sure the item you plan to leave in color is something brightly colored to begin with, otherwise it will be hard to differentiate what’s in color, and what’s black and white.

(I applogize for this being a bit out of focus. My video camera seems to have trouble locking onto anything when I’m filming my computer)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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