How to Make a Birdhouse out of a Gourd

How to Make a Birdhouse out of a GourdA little paint can turn an aptly named “birdhouse gourd” into a charming home for your yard’s feathered friends.

The nice thing about birdhouse gourds is that there are so many possibilities, you can leave them plain, or paint on fun details. A few windows and a door will make your birdhouse gourd an actual house. Or use a “gooseneck” gourd and paint on a beak and eyes to create an actual goose your neighborhood birds can cozy up in. Just make sure your gourd is fully dried before you cut the hole, or it may shrivel later.

(No my dremel is not actually running during this video; it was too hard to try and talk over the noise of it, but it demonstrates the idea)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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