Black Panther Helmet – DIY How to Make

How to Make a Black Panther HelmetI had multiple requests for how to make a Black Panther helmet from the Captain America Civil War movie, so here it is.

This is not an exact replica of the Black Panther helmet, and there are definitely better much better pepakura patterns for it out there, but I didn’t want to deal with the 9,000 pieces they’re comprised of, so I just made a simpler version. The pattern I made for this Black Panther helmet is available as a free pdf download here.

I made this one mostly out of scrap pieces of poster board, but you could also make the Black Panther helmet entirely out of craft foam if you want. The one problem is that the craft foam edges won’t lie flat like the cardstock edges, so you’ll have extra surfaces on your helmet. If you want more texture on your Black Panther helmet, you could also use silver puff paint instead of just flat silver paint, and use some darker black paint to add in all the thin lines his helmet had in the movie. By Amber Reifsteck, The Woodland Elf

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