Harley Quinn costume Part 1 – How to Make a Harley Quinn Costume (Suicide Squad version)

How to Make a Harley Quinn costume Part 1 - (Suicide Squad version) I had a couple requests for a Harley Quinn costume from the Suicide Squad movie.

This is for the first part of the Harley Quinn costume, the Daddy’s lil’ Monster shirt, to be followed soon by tutorials for the rest of the Harley Quinn costume. I’ve honestly never really been a fan of Harley Quinn, but even so, I do think that Margot Robbie did a really amazing job of bringing the Harley Quinn character to life.

On my Harley Quinn costume, I made the mistake of wetting the shirt before I dyed it, which caused the dye to ooze too far down the shirt. Just dry dip it instead, and it will still produce the uneven homemade look, but won’t bleed down so far. Also, I made the mistake of touching the dyed part, then touching the rest of shirt, so I’ve got a few extra spots of color on my Harley Quinn shirt, you’ll probably want to be more careful than I was…

White long sleeved shirt
Red and blue fabric dye
Black fabric marker
Red ribbon or fabric strips
Fabric glue, hot glue, or stitch witchery (to attach the red strips to the sleeves)
Needle and white and black thread
Pins (optional, for marking where to cut)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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