Stargate Jaffa Staff – How to Make a Stargate Staff Weapon

How to Make a Stargate Staff Weapon Had a request for a Stargate staff weapon tutorial. This staff is pretty inexpensive to make though it is a bit time consuming.

Stargate is still one of my favorite movies, so I had a really good time making this. I tried a few failed experiments with making the staff head openable, but the foam was too flimsy to hold its shape without being glued to an inner core. So I finally gave up on that and just opted to glue it in open position, since I think a Stargate staff weapon is probably more fun open. However, if you want it closed instead, just make your inner foam core smaller, so the staff pieces set against each other closed. The lines on the staff weapon are actually engraved in the movie/TV shows, but I decided to simplify it and have them protrude outward instead with puffy paint, just because it’s easier. If you want to be more authentic, you can use a dremel to gouge the lines out of the foam on the head and the wood of the staff before you paint it. You can also add a little green paint to the lines to make it look like the copper is starting to turn in some places.

The pieces I made for the staff are pretty easy to draw freehand, but if you want a template, you can dowload the pdf template here. The thick gray foam I used for the bottom of the staff can be gotten from places like Lowes or Home Depot. (And no, the green hair at the end of this has nothing to do with Stargate, but I don’t have a Stargate costume, so I just threw on some weird hair for the fun of it.) By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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