How to Make a Unicorn Hoodie

How to Make a Unicorn HoodieYou can turn a plain hoodie into a fun unicorn hoodie for a child with just a little white material and some gold thread.

You can pick up a used hoodie for a couple bucks at your local thrift shop, and the wings, horn and mane can be made from scraps of material you may already have lying around. The horn and wing pieces for the unicorn hoodie are fairly easy to draw freehand or you can get the pdf pattern here in my pattern shop for $1. (The pdf also includes a set of dragon wings and scales for a dragon hoodie; the tutorial for which will be posted in two weeks). You can also get creative and change the color of the wings to something more magical like purple, and fill in the stitched lines with glitter.By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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