Angel Dust Costume Part 1 – How to Make an Angel Dust Corset

How to Make an Angel Dust Costume (Deadpool Movie Version): Corset Had a request for an Angel Dust costume tutorial, so this is for the first part of the Angel Dust costume, the corset.

This is based on the Angel Dust costume from the Deadpool movie (not the comic book version). I really like the female costumes in the Deadpool movie because they were fairly practical and realistic, something you don’t always see in comic book films. The denim lining is a good way to use up old pairs of jeans. If you don’t have a piece big enough, you can just sew a few pieces together before you cut out the pattern piece.

You can pretty much use any corset pattern than closes in the front, but if you want to use the one I use in this tutorial, it’s available for $1 here. And no matter what corset pattern you use, just be sure to make 2 full corsets from material, both lined with denim, and then you’ll sew the two together with the boning channels to get the completed, heavy-duty corset look.

2 yd of gold/beige material
Old jeans (rough equivalent of 1 1/2 yd) for denim lining
4 yd plastic boning
6 yd of black ribbon or fake leather
4 yd parachute strapping
3 parachute buckles
1 black zipper
Needle and thread / sewing machine

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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