Aquaman Part 3 – How to Make an Aquaman costume: Armor

How to Make an Aquaman Costume ArmorPart 3 of how to make an Aquaman costume is the shoulder armor. Constructed of mostly craft foam, it’s fairly easy to assemble. 

You could also cover the craft foam in a layer of Wonderflex, as I did in the bracers tutorial, if you want it to be a bit stronger. The belts I got for a buck apiece at the Salvation Army, so check your local 2nd hand stores. When you’re shaping your warm foam, you’ll want to hold it in place until it’s cool, so it keeps its shape. Then give it 3 coats of white glue to make the shape even stronger.

1 sheet of 3mm craft foam (or cereal box cardboard)
White school glue (Elmer’s glue or something similar)
Hot glue gun
Shiny black paint
Metallic gold paint puffy paint
Awl or similar pointed object
String for lacing
3 old belts
8 gold paper fasteners
Heat gun, and something rounded for shaping (I used a butternut squash)

How to Make an Aquaman costume armor video tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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