How to Make Cookie Cutter Soaps (melt and pour)

How to Make Cookie Cutter Soaps (melt and pour) A few cookie cutters and a little melt and pour soap equal creative cookie cutter soaps.

Because melt and pour soap is safer than traditional lye soap, these little cookie cutter soap bars make a good craft to do with kids (under adult supervision). You can use random cookie cutters for every days soaps, or make some batches of time specific soaps by using holiday cookie cutters so you can use the soaps on the appropriate holiday. If you use metal cookie cutters, be sure to wash them immediately afterward or they will quickly rust.

The scents are I use here are essential oils, and the dyes are homemade veggie dyes. I do have a tutorial posted for the dandelion dye here.

Opaque melt and pour soap base
Transparent melt and pour soap base
Melting pan
Soap scent
Soap dye
Square or rectangular soap mold
Metal or plastic cookie cutters
Stirring stick
Knife (optional, used for cutting shapes out soap)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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