Gimli Costume Part 4 – How to Make Gimli’s Helmet (Pepakura tutorial)

How to Make Gimli's Helmet (Pepakura tutorial) This is a pepakura tutorial guest filmed and narrated (mostly) by my brother (he’s not used to doing this for film, so it got a little long).

The beginning is a basic tutorial on how pepakura works, and the rest is how he made the Gimli helmet for his Gimli costume. Just a heads up, this is not like the simple tutorials I usually do, this is a very labor intensive/time consuming process. It’s made out of many pieces of craft foam that are put together in a very specific way. (The thicker EVA foam he used here can be purchased at Lowes).

You can download the pepakura viewer and designer (you’ll need both) here. (I don’t think they have it available for Mac users yet). The pepakura pattern for the Gimli helmet can be downloaded here. By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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