How to Make Layered Candles

How to Make Layered CandlesLayered candles are an easy way to spice up simple container candles.

To make layered candles, you’ll need a clear, glass container so you can see the different layers through the sides. You’ll want to make sure the glass is thick so it can take the heat of the hot wax and burning, otherwise it might crack. Old masons jar work great for this if you have them, since they have nice, thick glass.

Start by heating your chosen wax to pouring temperature. Soy and palm wax work nicely for layered candles. Make sure it’s container blend wax, so each layer adheres to the sides of the container, otherwise the additional layers will seep down onto the ones below it ruining your candle. For that reason, you’ll want to avoid using beeswax for this type of candle, as beeswax tends to pull away from the edges as it cools.

Once your wax reaches pouring temperature, stir in your color and chosen scent. Pour a little bit of wax into the bottom of your container and put the end of a piece of papercore wick in the center. Papercore wicks burn a little hotter than other wicking making them a perfect choice for container candles. Wait for the wax to harden around the wick, then pull the wick up tightly and secure it to the top your container with a wick clip, or by wrapping it around a pencil. Then reheat your wax and pour it into your container as high as you want your first layer. Leave it to harden.

Then heat up some more wax, adding a different color dye and your chosen scent once it reaches pouring temperature. You can either use the same scent in all layers of the candle, or get creative and use a different scent for each different colored layer. Then slowly pour the new color right on top of the previous color layer of the candle.

If you want the lines between your candle color layers to be very clean cut, wait until the first layer of wax has completely cooled before you pour your second layer. If you want your layers to be blended together a bit more, pour your second layer while the bottom layer is still slightly warm (but hardened enough that the new wax won’t melt through it). The edges of the two How to Make Layered Candleslayers will melt together just slightly to blend the colors into one another. You can add as many layers as you want in this manner. Once you’ve finished, trim your wick and your candle is ready to burn.

As an alternative, you can also make diagonal or off-kilter layered candles by raising the side of your mold one way or the other as you’re pouring the layer. Then set the mold flat again for the final layer to finish off the top smoothly. This gives the layers a wild, modern-art feel to them. Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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