How to Make Stacked Candles

How to Make Stacked Candles Stacked candles are a fun way to give your candles height, even when you only have short molds.

You’ll want to start by getting yourself a few small molds, not more than a couple inches high. The candle in the example above I made from 3 jello molds that were each just under 2 inches tall. Seal the wick hole in all the molds except one, with a little wick sealer, since you won’t be using wicks in all the pieces.

Run a piece of wick through the hole in the unsealed mold. Leave a little bit sticking out the top, then seal over it with a bit of wick sealer to prevent any wax from leaking out. The rest of the wick on the open end of the mold you’ll want to wind tightly around a pencil and position across the center of mold. Be sure you have plenty of excess wick, as you’ll have to run it through the other layers of your candle later.

You can use pretty much any wax for stacked candles. Heat your chosen wax in a double boiler until it reaches pouring temperature (pouring temperatures vary depending on what type of wax you’re using, so read your wax packaging to know when it’s hot enough). Once it reaches pouring temperature, add in your chosen scent and color. You can either make all the layers of the candle the same scent and color, or do a different scent and color for each layer.

Pour your wax into your small molds, filling as many molds as you want for layers of your candle. Also fill the one mold with the wick in it. After the wax has begun to cool, a small well may form in the center of the molds. Pierce it several times with pencil or knitting needle. Then reheat your wax and fill the molds again (including the wicked mold) to fill in all the holes.

Once the wax has hardened completely, remove all the layers from the molds, including the wicked mold. Then take a hot knitting needle or something similar (I have a piece of bailing wire I always use for this part) and pierce a hole all the way through the center of each candle layer without a wick. Then take the wicked layer, and run the excess wicking through all the holes you just made in the other candle layers.

As you pull the wick through each layer, you’ll want to pour a little bit of fresh hot wax on the top and bottom of the candle layer to fill the wick hole back up. It will also help the candle layers stick to each other. Once you’ve got the wick run through all the layers, cut the wick off at the bottom, and seal it over with a little more hot wax. Then light your stacked candle and enjoy. Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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