How to Sew by Hand

How to Sew by HandA lot of my tutorials involve hand sewing, so someone requested I do a tutorial on how to sew by hand. So here are the basics of hand sewing for those who have never done it.

Not only does it come in handy when your sewing machine is on the fritz, it’s also a lot more relaxing way to sew if you have the time. And it’s great for those places that are hard to reach with a sewing machine. There are other ways to hand sew as well, this is just a tutorial for how I do it. A lot of people like to use the backstitch to cover a seamline, but I prefer to just do a double running stitch as I demonstrate in the how-to, that way if one thread breaks, there’s a second one to hold everything together.
By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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