Keeping Away Slugs

BeerCan a can of Coors keep slugs out of your garden?

The answer is yes. It’s an old gardeners trick to leave a container of beer in your garden to keep slug from decimating your plants. The slugs are attracted by the fermented yeast of the beer and crawl into the container where they drown. If you choose to use this method, you’ll have to keep the beer fresh by refilling the container every few days and as the dead slugs accumulate you’ll have to clean the container or they’ll start to smell.

Personally I don’t really like this method. Maybe it’s my inner Buddhist, but I don’t like the idea of drowning a living creature. If you have the same issue, there are a couple other methods which are less murderous, but also not quite as effective as the beer method.

One is the ash method. If you have a wood stove, this is a great option as you can just recycle those ashes by sprinkling them around your plants to keep away any slimy slugs. Slugs don’t like to crawl across ashes which will keep them away from your precious plants (not to mention all the nutrients in those wood ashes are great for your garden!)

The other method is to cut a few oranges or grapefruits in half, hollow them out, and put them hollow-side down at intervals in your garden. The slugs will be attracted to the citrus fruits and gather on those. Then you just have to collect them and remove them to a different location. (The downside is you have make sure you’re out there early enough to get to the slug gathering, or they will crawl away as the heat of the day rises, possibly into your plants!)

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