Manure Tea Making

Manure Tea Making While you’re probably not going to want to partake in an afternoon cup of manure tea, your garden will love it!

Manure tea gets its name because it’s made similarly to human teas. The manure is steeped in water until it “flavors” the water the same way a teabag flavors human teas. Flowers, fruits, and veggies love getting doses of manure tea.

To make manure tea, fill yourself a bucket of water and mix in some manure (You’ll want to use aged manure, not fresh or you may burn your plants). A good ratio is 4 parts water to 1 part manure. Leave the manure to steep in the bucket for 3 days. You’ll notice the water will become very brown in that time. This is exactly what you want as it means the manure is properly seeping into the water.

After 3 days, strain the manure out of the “tea” using a piece of screen over a fresh bucket. The resulting liquid in the bottom bucket will be your manure tea. You can transfer it to a watering can to make it easy to dose your plants with the tea. Or for indoor plants, you can put the manure tea in a spray bottle and give them manure tea misting doses.

Manure tea is one of the best fertilizers you can give your plants. You can usually get local manure from your area sheep, goat, horse, or cow farms. Grass fed beef cows are one of the best sources of manure for manure tea as grass fed beef cows are generally free of the hormones that are sometimes found in other animals. This means you’ll be putting a nice, healthy fertilizer on your plants, that is far more eco-friendly than chemical fertilizers. If you use manure from local farms, it’s also usually less expensive to make manure tea than to buy harmful chemical fertilizers.

So brew up a batch of manure tea and give your plants a dose every couple of weeks. They’ll thank you by growing more beautifully and producing better.

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