More Natural Ways to Control Slugs

Natural ways to control slugsWhat do egg shells, copper, and toilet paper tubes have in common? They’re all natural ways to control slugs!

I already posted 3 common ways to control slugs without the use of harmful chemicals (read it here if you missed it), but here are a few other natural ways to control slugs in case none of the previous ones worked for you.

One is eggshells. Save your eggshells, crush them up, and sprinkle them around your plants. This method works like the wood ashes method I previously discussed because they have a similar texture and slugs don’t like crawling across them. It’s a good alternative for those who don’t have access to wood ashes.

Putting copper strips or even pennies (you’ll have to find some old pennies since all the new ones are made of zinc) around your plants will keep away slugs due the electric charge present in copper. Slugs don’t like it so they won’t cross it. The one drawback is that if dirt gets on the copper, it lessens the charge and slugs will have no problem crawling across it. So be sure to wipe down your copper strips after a heavy rain in case of any dirt splashes.

And finally toilet paper tubes can be used to make anti-slug collars. Cut the tube in half so you get two collars from each tube and slip them over the bottom of your plants. Make sure they’re touching the ground. Obviously this method won’t work for wide, bushy plants like strawberries, but can be used for taller plants with a single stem.

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