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The Witching HourThe Witching Hour
(A Children’s Book)

Have you ever wondered what happens after you go to bed on Halloween night? That’s when the real magic begins. Halloween is the most magical night of the whole year. It’s the one night when black cats can talk, pumpkins can come alive and walk, witches fly around on their broomsticks and ghosts dance at parties all night long. See what happens when the clock strikes 3:00; The Witching Hour.

This is my first children’s book. It follows the good-natured mischief that legend says takes place on Halloween night after all the humans have gone to sleep. My “photographic paintings” illustrations were inspired by the old Halloween penny postcards.

The Witching Hour on Paperback: $6.99
The Witching Hour on Kindle edition: $1.99

365 Days of Angel Prayers365 Days of Angel Prayers

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life. As you become disconnected from your true source of sustenance, you begin to feel alone and useless. The beautiful truth is, you are not alone and you have great significance. At any given moment, God has angels waiting to commune with you and assist you in your life’s purpose and everyday tasks.

365 Days of Angel Prayers is a beautiful collection of angel poems and stories offering guidance, support, healing and love. There’s a new, inspiring angel poem for every day of the year, and even one for a leap year. It also features 16 inspiring essays about angel encounters and tips for communicating with the angels around you.

This was a collaborative book project of over 150 authors that I was honored to be a part of. I wrote a poem for the nature angels that appears in the August chapter.

365 Days of Angel Prayers on Paperback: $18.37
365 Days of Angel Prayers on
Kindle edition: $8.88