Natural DIY Dandelion Soap Dye

Natural DIY Dandelion Soap Dye If you live in an area with dandelions, it’s super easy to turn them into a beautiful golden dandelion soap dye.

Dandelions are far more than just “weeds” to me, they’re one of my favorite things about spring because they’re what I use to make my yellow soap dye (If you’ve ever had one of my soap bars and wondered what the speckles in it were, now you know they’re bits of dandelion). This a great use for dandelions that gives you a nice natural dye for soap or other dying projects. The dye can also be used to color yarn and fabric, though for that you would also need to include a mordant. If you’re using it as soap dye, you can just use it straight as it is.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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